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The Fight for Religious Freedom Begins at Home

By Samuel Rodriguez

Not only has the 2016 presidential election polarized America on almost every major issue, it has also served as a source of hysteria. Each party—and those unaffiliated—views the opposing candidate’s win as disaster. If Hillary wins, it’s the end of American Christianity; if Trump wins, all Muslims will be excommunicated. It is in this moment, then, that I want to invite everyone to pause and just take a deep breath.

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Clinton Moves from One Religion to Another – You Must Come Too

By Jane Robbins

Hillary Clinton grew up an “old-fashioned Methodist” and presumably still considers herself part of that denomination. But as Paul Kengor relates, over the last few years she has vocally abandoned many of the moral rules of her old-fashioned faith, gravitating toward the progressive fringe beliefs roiling the Methodist church as they are so many others.

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If Presidential Candidates Don't Advocate for the Importance of Religious Liberty, America Is Doomed

By: M. Zuhdi Jasser

In laying out the foundational values of the United States, our founding fathers prioritized religious liberty, freedom of conscience, and freedom of expression with the explicit understanding that without them, no man or woman is truly free—regardless of any other protections they may be afforded.

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In the 2016 Campaign, Democrats and Republicans Get Religious Freedom Wrong

By: Cynthia Soliman

The 2016 election season is well under way and there can be no doubt that the candidates have given Americans a lot to think about in terms of their future. It’s striking that only the Republican candidates seem to be discussing the role of religious freedom and offering more than mere soundbites. One has to look pretty hard to find a speech or a lengthy statement by Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders during this campaign on the importance of religious freedom. This state of affairs is rather unfortunate, because religious freedom shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s also a bit surprising because it hasn’t always been this way.

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How Muslim Women are Winning the 2016 Campaign

By: Engy Abdelkader

This presidential election season we've paid much attention to the anti-Muslim ideas some presidential candidates like Donald Trump spew—and rightfully so. 

Most political candidates would never dare make such utterances about any other religious minority group.

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