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Two Decades of Bipartisan Cooperation on Government Funding and Religion . . . this can’t possibly be about the U.S.

By: Carl H. Esbeck & Stanley Carlson-Thies

Ours is a time of polarization, partisanship, and decline in religion’s influence in public life, with heated debates about government’s relationship with religion. And yet, receiving little attention but no less significant than the divisiveness, is the 20-year bipartisan cooperation over federal aid to religious organizations that serve the poor and needy.

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Obama and the Presidential Imperative to Promote International Religious Freedom

By: Judd Birdsall

In a world ablaze with religious violence, persecution, and intolerance, President Obama is under constant pressure to “do something” to advance international religious freedom (IRF) and the security of vulnerable religious minorities.

We are told the president should do more to promote religious freedom in Country X, Y, or Z. He should (or should not) use the term “Islamic” when describing the ideology and actions of violent extremist Muslims. He should work to create safe havens for Christians in Iraq. He should add more countries to the US government’s official list of the world’s worst persecutors. And on the list goes. 

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