Central African Republic

Muslims Suffer, Remain Extremely Vulnerable in the Central African Republic

By: Engy Abdelkader

Recently, the plight of refugees seeking safe haven in Europe has dominated media headlines and weighed heavily on our collective consciences. While many of these beleaguered souls have fled war-torn Syria, many other refugees around the world come from Africa, including the Central African Republic (CAR) where they have survived ethnic cleansing. Their stories may be lesser known but are equally significant.  

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Central African Republic: Religious Persecution and Political Conflict

By: Dennis P. Petri


The conflict in Central African Republic (CAR) has claimed thousands of lives, displaced hundreds of thousands, and caused severe destruction of property. The United Nations inquiry used the heading  “Christian militias engaged in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in ongoing Central African Republic civil war.” Amnesty International released a report under the title “Erased identity: Muslims in ethnically cleansed areas of the Central African Republic.” It claims that the Christian anti-Balaka militias are committing crimes against humanity against Muslims. 

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