The Winding Way to Same-Sex Unions: A Euro-Italian Lesson

By: Andrea Pin

The legal recognition of same-sex couples varies considerably from one state to another. Some countries have introduced same-sex marriage, whereas others have implemented civil union pacts. Some states have legislated, while in others courts have enforced same-sex partnerships. Also, the types of arguments involved vary widely from one country to another, giving shape to very different policies of recognition. 

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Religious Freedom in the Home of Catholicism: A Uniquely Italian Dilemma

By: Melissa Lewis

My decision to spend the fall semester abroad in Rome, Italy can be reduced to two distinct personal interests that so perfectly intersect—not by accident—in the Eternal City: Classics and Catholicism. Specifically designed for students like myself majoring in the study of Latin, Greek, and classical civilizations, the program is heavily tailored to encountering ancient Roman history and culture in their original source and physical setting. However, when I wasn’t climbing around Etruscan chamber tombs, traipsing through the remains of a Republican-aged colony, or visiting the seemingly endless number of temples, I had the opportunity to experience the historical richness of Catholicism in the churches, martyr shrines, and collections of artwork found throughout Vatican City, Rome, and the entire Italian peninsula.

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Will Federica Mogherini Deliver on International Religious Freedom?

By: Pasquale Annicchino

Federica Mogherini, the former Italian minister for foreign affairs and international cooperation, is now the new EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy. Her appointment may be of particular interest to those who closely monitor the development of initiatives on religious freedom within the context of international affairs.

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