"How Do You Survive Your Life With Christ?" Moroccan Christians Speak

By: Leah Farish

For the approximately 8,000 Christians living in Muslim-majority Morocco, restrictions on religious freedom are not as severe as in many other Muslim cultures, but are still an everyday source of instability, fear, and alienation. In recent interviews summarized below, Moroccan Christians spoke out about how this persecution severely limits not only their right to worship freely and openly, but also their ability to engage in economic activity and contribute to the social flourishing of their communities.

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A Religion for Peace: How the State is Shaping Islam in Morocco

By: Katherine Butler-Dines and Ani Sarkissian

On Friday afternoon the king’s yellow jalabiyyah stood out in the sea of men clad in white robes who surrounded him. The imam recited Qur'anic verses, and the whole mosque executed the positions of prayer in almost perfect synchrony. I observed this scene on the television with a glass of mint tea in hand and my host mama and her friends chattering in Darija (Moroccan Arabic). My host bothers charged in the door after afternoon prayers, yanked off their own white jalabiyyahs, and asked about lunch. This routine is well integrated into my life in Morocco, yet each time I see such a public demonstration of Islam it raises many questions.

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