Muslim Americans

Religious Freedom at a Jesuit University: A Muslim Student's Perspective

By: Aamir Hussain

When I was looking at colleges during my senior year in high school, I found myself especially attracted to Georgetown because the university celebrated religion and its Catholic-Jesuit identity as a central facet of campus life. This was in stark contrast to secular and public universities that had religious life as a fringe activity. As I learned more about Georgetown, I was intrigued that the university provided chaplaincy support to five faith traditions, and was the first college in the nation to hire a full-time imam. In fact, Imam Yahya Hendi was hired in 1999, before the 9/11 attacks and well before Islam came to the forefront of religious freedom discussions in the United States; thus, as a devout Muslim, I was happy to attend a university that was “ahead of the curve” when it came to discussions about religion. 

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