Muslim-majority countries

Looking Closer at Muslim Countries and Religious Freedom

By: John M. Owen

So I maintain my view that an abrupt state implementation of full religious liberty always and everywhere would lead to backlash and worsen the condition of religious minorities in the short term. But religious freedom remains a human right, and in the long term it meshes with other liberties to make for freer and more self-governing countries.

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A Catholic Model for Muslim Awakening: Look to the Second Vatican Council, Which Drew on Church Doctrine to Embrace Religious Freedom

By: Daniel Philpott

The attacks in Paris promise a new round of debate on what sort of religion Islam is. If the past is any guide, commentators will pronounce that what Islam needs is a Reformation. Others will say it needs an Enlightenment. 

Both analogies are defective. Protestant reformers enforced their orthodoxy with every bit the deadliness that Catholics employed. While England’s Queen Mary acquired the sobriquet “bloody” for her brutal restoration of Catholicism, her little sister Elizabeth was equally violent in reestablishing the Anglican Church. 

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