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Whose Shame?

By Kim Colby

But significant parts of American society are now unyieldingly hostile to the religious beliefs that some religious colleges teach. Specifically, our legal and political cultures actively oppose the religious belief that sex is to be experienced exclusively within a lifelong, monogamous commitment between a woman and a man, a belief shared by Catholicism, Orthodox Judaism, and Evangelical Christianity. As it rigidly imposes its own sexual orthodoxy on dissenting religious institutions and individuals, this legal and political opposition ironically parodies the puritanism that it derides.

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Spread the Word: Making the Case for Robust Religious Freedom

By Doug Koopman

Among the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell decision has been the push by groups supporting that decision for new law and regulation to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals. A prime arena for this has been higher education, where there has been increased scrutiny regarding where federal funding—particularly aid to students—is involved.

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In Defense of Our Defenders

By: Daniel Briggs

The United States military is at a breaking point. Years of fighting terrorism overseas have taken a toll; from mental health and substance abuse to suicide, service members face myriad battles. If that were not enough, in recent years many are confronted with the very real prospect of unemployment due to massive layoffs

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Free Exercise Meets the Establishment Clause in Military Service

By: Harold L. Robinson

A wounded Marine, a Catholic, endures the agony of physical therapy on his burned right hand covered in recent skin grafts. He must fully open his hand despite the pain or never regain its use. The pain has nearly defeated him when his chaplain—a rabbi—leans in and whispers,“Christ suffered far more than this on the cross for you. Hail Mary mother of God…” 

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One of the Greatest Threats to Religious Liberty Exists Within Our Own Military

By: Ron Crews

It is almost the height of irony that the American military is experiencing serious religious disharmony. The nation founded on the promise of religious tolerance now boasts a military where devout service members are increasingly forced to choose between hiding their religious beliefs and leaving the service. Serving as an openly faithful, devout person is proving to be difficult, if not impossible. 

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