Religious Freedom and Higher Education: Worldview Matters

By Steve Pettit

In the California case, a looming question at the heart of this “issue” is: why can pastoral training schools be exempted but not liberal-arts Christian colleges? Why could a Christian liberal arts university be sued for discrimination but not a seminary? This confusion stems from the misconception that there is some sort of “great divide” between the secular and the sacred.

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If Higher Education’s Religious Freedoms Go, So Goes Our Charitable Society

By Chelsen Vicari

No longer is the religious freedom debate in America confined to battles between religious small business owners and their clients. Moral relativism’s increasing influence in society has shifted the battle of freedom of religion vs. malleable morality to the now much larger and far more politically and demographically significant realm of higher education.

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How Missionaries Have Quietly Transformed the World

By: Robert Woodberry

Despite the negative stereotypes about missionaries, they have effectively improved health, education, economic development, and political representation around the world—seemingly more effectively than government aid and secular NGOs. 

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