natural rights

Religious Freedom As the First Freedom

By: Matthew J. Frank

Americans are fond of referring to religious freedom as “the first freedom,” and for support of this view like to point to the fact that “the free exercise” of religion is the first freedom mentioned in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, and so has a “firstness” twice over. 

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The Meaning of Freedom

By: Hamza Yusuf

Freedom has long been a cherished word in the human lexicon. All human beings love freedom, but if pressed, many people will find it difficult to define. While “freedom” is an abstract noun, its meaning is found in verbs and adjectives as well. We free a prisoner, and we win free prizes. But what is freedom? Why do we value it so highly?

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The Nature and Importance of Religious Freedom

By: Nicholas Wolterstorff

When thinking about the nature and importance of religious freedom, it's important to keep in mind the distinction between the civil right to religious freedom and the natural human right to religious freedom; considerable confusion is engendered in discussions on religious freedom by failure to keep the distinction in mind.

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