nondemocratic regimes

With Democratization Comes More Religious Freedom and Less Terrorism

How would religious freedom decrease transnational terrorism, thereby decreasing the need for counterterrorism coordination? The answer, I believe, lies in a nation’s level of authoritarianism. Put another way, with more democracy will come more open theological debates on sensitive public policy issues and less resort to violence to address grievances. In turn, terrorist groups will find it more difficult to manipulate religious doctrine to persuade recruits their cause is just and sanctioned by God.

A free marketplace of religious ideology will provide the political space needed for religious scholars to openly challenge on the merits Al Qaeda, ISIS, or their progeny’s twisted interpretations of Islam.

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The Varieties of Religious Repression in Nondemocratic Regimes

By: Ani Sarkissian

Religious persecution and repression are not new phenomena in any part of the world. Though violent religious persecution was more widespread in the period prior to the global spread of democratization and persists to this day, lower-intensity repression of religion, disguised as legalism, is even more prevalent in the contemporary period.

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