Symbolic Gestures Not Enough for Pakistan’s Minorities

By Farahnaz Ispahani

Pakistan’s treatment of its religious minorities has attracted global condemnation for years. Aware that the world sees Pakistan as insecure for religious minorities, Pakistan’s leaders are now engaging in symbolic gestures of concern for minorities after years of appealing just to majority sentiment. But positive gestures such as Muslim politicians attending Diwali celebrations alongside Hindus or showing up at Christian Christmas events has done little to abate the wave of extremism that has progressively endangered all of Pakistan’s minorities.

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What Do We Know about Hillary Clinton and Religious Freedom?

By Kevin den Dulk

Is Hillary Clinton a defender of religious freedom—or its greatest threat on November’s ballot? The answer to that stark question has become increasingly important – and contested – in the 2016 campaign. If you ask Clinton herself, the answer is clear.

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Religion and Speech: A View from Healy Lawn

By: Viet Phuong Dao

I have a confession to make. Three years ago, when I decided to come to Georgetown, I did so despite the university’s affiliation with the Catholic Church. I was decidedly agnostic about the existence of a higher power and believed firmly in the virtue of a robust separation between government policy and religious beliefs. After three years, those beliefs have not changed. What has shifted is my view on the role of religion at my university.

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