How Mother Teresa Changed Missions

By: Rebecca Samuel Shah

In honor of the canonization of Mother Teresa on September 4, 2016, RFI Senior Fellow, Rebecca Samuel Shah, wrote a powerful, personal reflection published  Christianity Today. Mother Teresa's legacy in the world, her profound acts of mercy to meet the physical and material needs and the even greater spiritual needs of the least of these, has left an impact in the world and on Rebecca's own life and work in India and beyond. 

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How Religious Freedom Helps the Poor

By: Rebecca Shah

A few minutes’ drive from Bangalore’s international airport live Shanu Munisa and her husband, Imtiaz. Shanu and Imtiaz are Dalits (outcastes) who live in Razak Palaya, a predominantly Muslim village and one of the poorest communities in north Bangalore. Sitting in their half-finished hut, I asked Shanu, “Where do you think God is?” Looking up from the floor, Shanu replied, “He is here,” placing her hand on her chest. 

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