religious intolerance

Copts Of Egypt: From Survivors of Sectarian Violence To Targets Of Terrorism

By Mariz Tadros

It is customary for Copts – Egypt’s roughly 9 million strong Christian population– to celebrate Palm Sunday at church, waving palm fronds and singing joyful chants that go back to ancient times to commemorate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, days before his crucifixion. They did not expect the service to be interrupted by bodies being ripped apart.

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Saudi Arabia Executes a Sheikh and Exacerbates Religious Intolerance

By: William Inboden

As the Middle East enters its sixth year of unrelenting turmoil, this past weekend witnessed an ominous escalation of sectarian tensions. It began with Saudi Arabia’s execution on Friday of Shi’ite leader Sheikh Nimr al Nimr, followed by Iran’s retaliatory attacks on Saudi diplomatic properties, and then a war of words and the termination of diplomatic relations between the region’s paramount Sunni and Shi'a nations. 

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