Women in the Draft: A Worthy, if Complicated, Goal

By: Teresa Donnellan

The inclusion of women in the draft is an issue of equal access and opportunity. Men and women are equal under the law.

The 1981 Supreme Court decision Rostker v. Goldberg ruled in favor of the exclusion of women from the draft. However, a 1994 report from the Department of Defense acknowledged the increasing role of women in each of the Armed Services.

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Women at War

By: Marc LiVecche

At the ABC News Republican debate on February 6, Martha Raddatz raised a question regarding the integration of women into direct ground combat occupational roles such as the infantry, armor, and the special operations teams. The question focused specifically on compelling women to register for selective service, and then-candidates Rubio, Bush, and Christie all endorsed the notion because of their support for integration.

They should not have.

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No More Double Standards for Women in the MIlitary

By: Amber Smith

In August 2015, two female Army officers and West Point graduates made history when they successfully passed Army Ranger School, known as one of the most physically challenging and difficult leadership schools in the military.

Not only is this a phenomenal personal accomplishment, but they have paved the way for other women to advance in the military hierarchy. While a proud nation congratulated the women on their incredible achievement, it demonstrated how outdated and discriminatory the Selective Service law is. 

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Experimental Barbarism: Why Drafting Women is Wrong

By: Andrew T. Walker and Josh Wester

Under the pretenses of patriotism and equality, Americans are being confronted with a moral dilemma. As the American people now contend with the morality of forcing women to register for Selective Service—the draft—a larger question looms over the discussion. Will American society forever dismiss the distinction between male and female? 

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Muslims Women, Religious Freedom, and EEOC v. Abercrombie

By: Engy Abdelkader

The US Supreme Court’s recent decision in EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch —supporting a Muslim woman’s civil right to observe hijab at work and prohibiting employers from considering a job applicant’s religion or belief practices in hiring decisions—reinforces America’s commitment to religious freedom. 

Additionally, one might draw a number of broader insights. 

First, the case highlights female agency in challenging anti-Muslim discrimination.

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