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Dear Friends of Religious Freedom,

As the year comes to an end, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support of the Religious Freedom Institute. 
We have made it our mission to secure religious freedom in the U.S. and key regions around the world. You have been instrumental in permitting us to pursue that mission. 

Frankly, it is a privilege to do this work. Without your support, however, that privilege would not be available to me, our leadership team, and our dedicated staff. 

There is, of course, much work yet to be done. Millions suffer religious persecution. We invite you to give them the gift of religious freedom. 

Religious freedom is a precious right. It is also a necessary right – necessary for all people and all societies if they are to flourish.

Our scholars have shown – and are communicating to key leaders here and abroad – that when religious freedom for all is protected in law and valued in culture, it brings with it political stability, equality for women, economic growth, and social harmony.

Critically, we have also shown that religious freedom undermines violent religious extremism and terrorism.

Your contribution will make it possible to:

  • Transmit to all Americans the principles of the non-partisan American Charter of Religious Freedom, which drives home the indispensable role religious freedom plays in maintaining a peaceful pluralistic society. 
  • Continue ground-breaking consultations  with Muslim leaders on advancing religious freedom in the Middle East.
  • Finalize a diplomatic toolkit to train U.S. diplomats to advance religious freedom.

No gift is too small. Whatever you give, you will be helping those who are under persecution or otherwise deprived of the precious right of religious freedom.

Thank you. 


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Tom Farr