NextGen Initiative

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Luke adams

Luke Adams is a research assistant for the Religious Freedom Institute’s South and Southeast Asia Action Team. He focuses primarily on human rights and religious freedom in Asia, and previously worked with the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and the Institute for Global Engagement. Before moving to D.C., Luke lived and taught in China’s Hebei Province. He holds a Master of Arts in Asian Studies from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and French from Calvin College.

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sachal jacob

Sachal Jacob is an intern at the Religious Freedom Institute. At RFI he works with the South and Southeast Asia Action team on the Pakistan and Bangladesh Landscape Reports in addition to managing RFI’s social media. He is a Master of Arts in Human Rights candidate at the University of Minnesota with a focus on conflict and international security. Prior to starting his graduate education, Sachal worked as a research assistant at the Pakistani non-governmental organization called Centre for Social Justice. 

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Sofiya Volobuyeva

Sofiya Volobuyeva is a summer intern. She is a rising senior at Duke University, where she studies Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. As a Ukrainian-American student of Islam and the Middle East, Sofiya is interested in the less obvious relationships between these worlds. She hopes to use her linguistic backgrounds in Russian and Arabic to explore history that has been erased by political interests. Sofiya has studied Colloquial Moroccan Arabic at the American Language Institute in Fez and the American Language Center in Rabat. This summer she studied Jordanian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic at Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman. 


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Nate Reyes

Nate is a summer intern with the RFI's International Religious Freedom Policy Action Team. In May of 2019, he will graduate from Christendom College (Front Royal, VA) with a bachelor's degree in political science. Nate's academic interests lie primarily in the areas of US Constitutional law and American jurisprudence. Following the completion of his undergraduate education, Nate hopes to further his study of these fields in law school.