The RFI has four distinct but overlapping regional or functional Action Teams, each employing agents of change to advance religious freedom in a particular region or issue area. RFI regional Action Teams will strengthen the cultural and political advance of religious freedom in parts of the world currently resistant to religious freedom or where religious freedom is in retreat. Our initial key geographic areas are the MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ASIA, and the UNITED STATES.

Each Regional Action Team will establish an on-the-ground presence in its respective geographical area. The U.S. Action Team will work from RFI headquarters located in Washington, D.C. The South & Southeast Asia Action Team will set up a regional office in Bangalore, India. The RFI will also establish an office in the Middle East as conditions permit, and until such time the Middle East Action Team will be headquartered in Washington, D.C.

A fourth Action Team on INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM POLICY will drive debate within Western democracies, especially the United States, on why success in advancing religious freedom is in their respective national interests, and why their existing policies should be greatly improved. The IRF Policy Action Team will also operate out of the Washington headquarters.

Each team will develop a LANDSCAPE REPORT with actionable priorities. The report will include an inventory of obstacles, opportunities, and prospective partners in the region or issue area. It will yield an ACTION PLAN designed to advance religious freedom. RFI Action Teams will constantly assess their successes and failures, thereby continually adjusting their blueprints and providing a model for future teams to engage other regions of the world.