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Narratives to Support Religious Freedom

  • Religious Freedom Institute 1050 30th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20007 United States (map)

The Religious Freedom Institute is pleased to host Narrative Strategies for an interactive and exciting (it will be actionable, practical, and intrepid) event on the role of narrative in advancing religious freedom.

Modern conflict is over the meaning of information—narratives. Most conflicts and international politics are primarily the realm of narrative—ignored at the peril of human security.

Narrative is so much more than a story or brand and also includes identity, purpose, concepts of time, etc.

Strategy is so much more than a plan. It includes substantial flexibility and a guiding vision.


  1. What is narrative?

  2. Why is narrative vital to human and international security?

  3. How are identity, purpose, meaning, and story important to narrative?

  4. How do narratives strengthen identity, purpose, meaning, and story?

  5. How are narrative strategies (operationalized influence) executed—specifically and practically?

  6. How do narratives strengthen religious freedom efforts? How do religious freedom efforts strengthen individuals, national, and international narratives and cognitive resilience?

About Narrative Strategies, LLC (

We are former Special Operations, high-level political advisors, intelligence professionals, and internationally recognized narrative and identity scholars, working together to deliver practical actionable, strategic, and intrepid support to our clients.

Narrative Strategies, LLC is the only think-and-do tank currently postured to deliver both Operationalized Narrative services and training at the most elite level.

Later Event: November 8
RFI Annual Dinner