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In mid-December, an RFI delegation visited Christian and Yazidi communities in Northern Iraq. The remains of ISIS’ destruction – bombed-out homes and burned churches – still haunt the landscape.

But the real story isn’t about the destruction. It’s about the smiles on the faces of men, women and children clearing the rubble from their homes… so they can return.

And it’s about how you can help.

With your support, RFI will purchase two greenhouses for a Christian community.

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Those greenhouses will create jobs for farmers to grow crops, for drivers to deliver the produce, and for shops to provide food for surrounding Yazidi and Christian villages.
Not in a year or two. Now.

The cost to purchase, install, and outfit each of these greenhouses is approximately $12,500.

Will you help us raise $25,000?

In late January we will return to Iraq. With your help, we’ll ensure two greenhouses are given as your gift, and that of RFI, to the people of Iraq.

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