North America Action Team

The first sixteen words of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution express the American commitment to religious freedom. Today, the understanding of what religious freedom is and why it matters has largely been lost. We are working to promote a robust understanding of religious freedom and the many positive ways that religion makes tangible and verifiable contributions to public life and the common good. 

Director: Fr. Dcn. Andrew Bennett

Projects: The American Charter of Freedom of Religion and Conscience

The American Charter project is committed to rebuilding America's historical commitment to freedom of religion and conscience and generating a coalition of support for this fundamental human right. 

The American Charter project is a joint-initiative of the Religious Freedom Institute and Baylor University's Institute for the Study of Religion. 

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Director: Fr. Dcn. Andrew Bennett

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The Rev. Dr. Andrew P.W. Bennett serves as Senior Fellow and Director of the North America Action Team of the Religious Freedom Institute. He is a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic deacon of the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada. Fr. Deacon Andrew also serves as Senior Fellow at Cardus, Canada’s faith-based think-tank, where he is Programme Director of Cardus Law which looks at the role of law in society with a particular focus on religious freedom in Canada. Fr. Deacon And­­rew previously served in the Canadian foreign service as Canada's first Ambassador for Religious Freedom and Head of the Office of Religious Freedom from 2013 to 2016 during which time he led in defending and championing religious freedom internationally as a core element of Canada's principled foreign policy. He remains a regular and active commentator on religious freedom in Canada and abroad. Fr. Deacon Andrew’s ambassadorial appointment was the culmination of a 14-year career in the Canadian civil service. He holds a B.A. Hons. in History (Dalhousie), an M.A. in History (McGill), and a Ph.D. in Politics (Edinburgh).